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Since 2005 we provide our clients with efficient and easy to use online training programs for citizenship tests.

Our Citizenship Test Training Programs

Over 50 000 people worldwide passed their citizenship tests with our help.


Based on the official study guide, "Discover Canada". Launched in 2006, it is available in both English and French.

700 Practice Questions

Over 24 000 users

96% success rate


Based on the official study guide, "Læremateriale til Indfødsretsprøven af 2015", and Danish press publications.

2700 questions

Over 6 000 users

82% success rate


Based on the official study guide, "Our Common Bond". The oldest website in Australia to offer this kind of training.

400 questions

Over 14 000 users

96% success rate


Based on the official questions published by the Cervantes Institute.

300 questions

Over 3 500 users

92% success rate


Based on the official manual, "Mein Österreich", and the study guides, published by Austrian federal states.

873 questions

Over 2 000 users

98% success rate


Based on the list of recommended reading, published by the French government.

300 questions

Over 4 500 users

88% success rate

United Kingdom

Based on the official study guide, "Life in the United Kingdom". Launched in 2005, it is Britain's oldest website, offering training for the citizenship test.

1500 questions

Over 18 000 users

92% success rate


Based on the list of recommended reading, published by the Government of Geneva. This program is meant for Geneva canton residents only.

700 questions

To be launched in September 2018

Success rate not available


What our users are saying

Some of the published reviews

"This training for wonderful for me. First of all I was not confident enough if I could pass or not and I was so nervous. But I started this training after I read the book itself and repeated memorising it and I was sure to be able to pass the test. It was not just great program but also we can learn more about Australia."

Chigusa S. Adelaide, SA

"Fint trainingsprogram med masser af gode spørgsmål , mit bedst del var den med rigtig /forkerte spørgsmålet , da man skal reflektere tilbage og læse dybt igen om det . I forhold til Læse stof , synes jeg selv at det Manglede mange vigtigere informationer , fordi jeg skulle på Google for at supplere flere gange for at samle vigtigere informationer.. Ellers tusind tak for alle nyttigere pakker i har lavet .. bestået med (39/40)"

Alina Mumba Aarhus, Denmark

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